Slender ManEdit

The slender man, also known as Der Großmann, is believed to be a man dressed in a black business suit and is approximately 6 feet tall without "stretching".  Legend has it that the slender man wrongly accused of a crime and was beat savagely, stabbed with a stick, and hanged from a tree with his arms, hands, legs, and feet all pulled out of sockets.  His spirit now seeks revenge as an entity with ultrasound and infrasound capabilities.  The legend is that in the daytime the slender man will most likely show up in open areas with trees to the side of an open, empty road, or in the woods or any area filled with trees. Most reports from survivors of the slender man say at night he shows up in open windows, dark open rooms, blank TV screens, and in large crowds of people. The slender man only kills adults, or anyone over 21. His arms, legs, fingers, and toes will stretch so that he is up to 34 feet tall with a bone breaking sound. He also greatly interferes with electronics within a proximity to him. In some cases victims become mindless minions for Der Großmann, working to bring in more victims to him for his satisfaction. These minions may plant listening devices in your home, follow you around without you being aware of it, and watch over you-even as you sleep.Some say he can teleport and appear at multiple locations at the same time. In some myths he is able to distort electronic equipment; quite possibly Der Großmann is some electromagnetic entity. Again, it is not known exactly what happens once a victim has finally been taken by him. Some say they simply disappear. In more gruesome accounts the victims’ bodies are found impaled on tree limbs with their organs placed throughout their bodies in plastic bags.  The most frightening possible fate may be that Der Großmann extends his fingers to great lengths, punctures the bodies of victims, and destroys every major internal organ they have from within; tying them up from the inside into a great, thin, and bloody knot.

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