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The FacelessOperator Series is a first-person filmed encounter with the Slender Man entity.

Clusters of videos split into "seasons" can be found at the following:

Season 1

Season 2

Brief Analysis[edit | edit source]

FacelessOperator is an ongoing Youtube series, filmed by a group that have been dragged into a world of horror and loss.  The series has received both positive and negative criticism, as the beginning entries mirror that of MarbleHornets or TribeTwelve, but eventually branches off into various intriguing and original ideas.  This series introduces the concept that the Slender Man finds new victims through those that are already being pursued, and is referred to as being "like a virus".  Relationships blossom and crumble, and the group soon finds themselves in the fight of their lives as the plot unfolds.

Evelyn Rossow Victoria Harris
Jeffrey Hoff Jeff Darcy
Kris Anderson Chris Hawxhurst
Alice Chamberlyn Ariel Izquierdo
Angela Grace Cara Levin
Vincent Grace Lazaro Suarez
Gavin Stone Justin TerBush
Woo-Young Suk Michael Pulliam
Cody Symons Tom Carr
Robert Song Jamaal Chardavoine
Lena Simone Autumn Rodriguez
Slender Man

Jamie Boyle

Production Crew
Producer Victoria Harris
Writer(s) Victoria Harris, Chris Hawxhurst
Video Editor(s) Victoria Harris, Cass Cody
Camera (main) Jeff Darcy
Camera (sub) Chris Hawxhurst, Victoria Harris
Script Editor Michael Pulliam

Plot[edit | edit source]

The series starts off with a group of friends on a hike.  One member of the group (Jeff) is being hunted by Slender Man, but has kept it to himself.  He reveals that he is hestitant to go along on the hike, but decides to bring his camera for safe measure.  While on the hike, the rest of the group encounters Slender Man for the first time, and are forced to flee.  They separate but eventually regroup. It is revealed that a mutual friend of the party (Angela) has been missing prior to the first recorded encounters, and as the plot begins to unfold, they find clues to her whereabouts.  Despite actively searching for her, she is the first recorded victim of a group of cult-like followers whom seem to worship the Slender Man entity, dubbed the Dolls.  The death of Angela causes her brother (Vincent), to go into a psychological downward spiral, first falling into a deep depression, and later evolving into madness, ultimately causing him to turn on the cast.

Peril ensues for the group after this point.  Their memories begin to fade, and they become sick.  Relationships between the members of the group both blossom and deteriorate.  As time goes on, the encounters become more aggressive, by both the Slender Man entity and the Dolls.  They are forced to search desparately for an answer, a way out, or a way to finally put the Slender Man to rest for good... But the danger never stops until the act is over;  Acta Est Fabula...

Links[edit | edit source]

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Reviews[edit | edit source]

Reviews for the series are found in blogs and forums across the internet.  Most of the reviews and/or criticism has come across as positive, with only a few negative comments.  Some of the threads I have found are posted below.  Others have since been deleted.

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Photos[edit | edit source]

Photos from the series, and videos 

The image from their fan page.

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